Sidr Honey 1KG Glass Bottle


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NO ADDED SUGAR. 100% PURE HONEY, NMR TESTED, CERTIFIED ANTIBIOTIC FREE. Sidr Honey is one of the best Honey. Natural and sourced from the Sidr tree also known as Jujube or Berry. Tastes Delicious.

Product Details

  • Sidr Honey
  • NMR Test
    (Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Test) 
    Every batch of Al Qusai - Sidr Honey passes one of the most advanced tests in the world to check for purity.
  • Certified Antibiotic Free & 100% Pure
  • Place of Origin - India
  • Quantity - 1 KG
  • Packaging - Glass Bottle
  • Certification - FSSAI & tested in NABL certified laboratory
  • Shelf life - 24 months
  • Tastes Delicious


  • Crystallization of Honey is a natural phenomenon. Place the bottle in warm water in order to bring it to its original condition.
  • Store on cool & dry place.
  • Do not refrigerate.
  • Use clean & dry spoon.
  • Do not serve Honey to infant.
  • Opt for this and you will always opt for Sidr Honey.
  • All food products are non-returnable and also non-refundable.