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Rashida Kagazwala

We relish each drop of it & our tastebuds say Yummy yummy "Wow what a pure and nutrient full diet" sings our tummy My kids say "a little more Mumy" Thnku AL QUSAI for getting us this natures sweetner the sidr honey in such unadulterated unblended & uncontaminated solid form Its really very wholesome fresh & sparkling honey Its sweet aroma is irresistable AL QUSAI honey is a boon for me & my family As honey had cure for all diseases, its worth every penny to include this in our daily diet!

Abbas Kanchwala

Sidr Honey is pure,very Tasty and a very Nice product to consume.

Farida Fidai.

Al Qusais Sidr honey is the best and purest form of honey I've ever tried. It has medicinal benefits as it is 100% pure and it is also antibiotic free. We consume Sidr honey daily and will keep buying it :)

Fatema Chunawala

Al Qusai's Sidr Honey is super delicious, great in nutrition & a must have. Very different from regular honey. Thanks to Al Qusai.

Ruqaiyah Udaipurwala

SIDR Honey is one of the best so far that i know. I have tried many international and local brands of honey but SIDR is totally different. It seems to be the purest form of honey & tastes absoulutely natural. Its worth the money.

Hussain Lehri

Superb honey. Very nice packing as well. Will buy more.. and i totally recommend it . Buy it without hesitation . Very happy !

Anil Gupta

Since i am a honey lover, tried sidr honey for the first time n let me tell u its the best. Awesome and recommended to all...

Payal Narkar

After consuming this product, I actually understood the difference between the quality of the products available in the market and this brand Al Qusai Sidr Honey. Its very different. Al Qusai's honey is pure and amazing one to buy. We spend lot of money on waste products, but this product is super duper hit especially for the ones who buy for their kids. I will always recommend this one to all.

Amit Narkar

Awesome Honey-5/5 stars

Shishir Mehta

Tasty....shall order again soon.

Ramesh Shah

Simply the best!!!

Ismail Pardawala

Amongst all the brands tasted till now we found Al Qusai's Sidr Honey the best and yummiest....!!

Jayesh Shah

I tasted Sidr Honey for the 1st time... It is absoulutely tasty & the best... Thanks to Al Qusai

Mayank Shah

Yummy and delicious!! Worth the price.

Hussain Electricwala

Tasted a lot of different brands of honey,found Al Qusai's Sidr honey the best.Beautiful 1kg bottle & premium packing.Will order again soon.

Murtaza Rajkotwala

We tasted Al Qusais Sidr honey..it is wonderful and the best we tasted till date. Its a quality product worth trying

Vijay Gada

Got Honey from Al Qusai, Simply amazing, luv it....

Shabbir vakil

The service was quick and really appreciate the packing.... As for the product it is of prime quality.. They delivered what they promised at reasonable cost. Will recommend the product.

Hari Nair

Sidr Honey - Amazing taste, nice packing, best honey to consume.